Cypress Lake Pier

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s students will have a new way to view the
wildlife in Cypress Lake starting during the fall 2019 semester.

The Office of Facility Management decided to take on a project that will increase the
attraction of the already distinctive landmark. At the head of this new project is Scott Hebert,
director of facilities planning and construction at UL Lafayette.

“This will likely become a university landmark similar to the fleur des lis fountain in the
quad or the welcome wall in front of Martin Hall,” said Hebert. “It will also draw more attention
and celebrate one of the wonders and trademarks of the university known as the Cypress Lake

Not only will the pier become a landmark to the school, but it will also serve as a learning
tool for many UL Lafayette students as it features signs describing the wildlife found in the lake
and offers an up-close view of them.

Along with the pier, the university has also decided to build pergolas in Cypress Lake
Plaza. A pergola is an archway that is commonly found in parks and gardens; these will add a
picturesque element to the area.

“It [Cypress Lake Plaza] will be able to be utilized at several of the outdoor events that
occur at the student union, as well as become a destination for students and faculty to
experience the uniqueness known as cypress lake” added Hebert. “The alligators are a major
attraction for our university. It puts us on the map. Nobody else has that, so it’s a neat, little
feature to get you right in the middle of it.”
Though some students expressed concern about the potential dangers of the pier,
Hebert commented that the pier will feature a “double-rail system” that will keep visitors safe
from alligators.

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