Yell Like Hell

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s University Program Council held their annual “Yell Like Hell” pep rally on October 11, 2018 on the Student Union porch. 

Those who attended were treated to music performed by Pride of Acadiana and Ragin Jazz, speeches from the UL Lafayette football team, and the presentation of the homecoming court which was comprised of both men and women for the first time in UL Lafayette history.

“It’s only ever been women. Different amounts, different numbers of women but only ever women until last year,” Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Leadership Karli Sherman said.

 Rachael Lautigar and Dominique Williams won Homecoming Queen and King respectively.

“I loved Yell Like Hell this year,” Jakia Steele, a senior studying public relations, said. “It’s really great to get into the football spirit, and it was just an amazing experience being around all of the students and cheering (the football team) on and having school pride.” 

Sherman felt like the speeches from the football team were the highlight of the event.

“Cause we see them, but you don’t get to interact with them or hear them during a game so they’re just kind of this far away figure on the field and that really gets them in your face. You feel like you know them a little more, connect with them a little more; you get more excited for the game to see someone that you feel like you know,” she said.    

She felt the event was a success and a great opportunity for all UL Lafayette students.

“It’s really cool because it’s something everyone can enjoy,” Sherman said.

Alyson Nguyen, a senior biology major and the culture street team liaison for UPC, disagreed.

According to Nguyen, the event contains a lot of competitions between the university’s various organizations to see who has the most school spirit, most of which are Greek life organizations. She felt students who aren’t involved in these organizations may feel “outcasted.” 

“It’s a good event if you’re in Greek life in my opinion,” Nguyen said. “If you’re an average student who’s not involved, you might not like it.”

Despite this, she said she thought it was a good opportunity for students to get to know people in Greek life.